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Dori P

Dr. Gaeta is very caring and compassionate in his work. He is definitely the best around and I highly recommend him to anyone! My entire family goes and he has helped us all for one reason or another.

Jinnelle A

I just had my first appointment and my neck and shoulder are feeling better already! I only wish I hadn’t waited so long .

Tim V

At Family Health Center Dr James Gaeta , has taken care of me for over 20 yrs. Every time I go I receive the greatest of care I am treated like family, he always uses the most advance techniques and his knowledge of the business is phenomenal. Also all his adjustments techniques are very gentle and highly effective. I highly recommend Dr James Gaeta to all family and friends.

Jay m

Dr. Gaeta is the best chiropractor I have ever seen. His knowledge and superb care have taken me from everyday pain to an active lifestyle. I feel like I’m eighteen years old again! Do yourself a favor and check him out immediately!

Margee D

He is incredible Had me up and about when I hurt my knee and literally couldn’t walk He is brilliant and knowledgeable on anything I ask him about, whether for me or for my friends. I know I will leave there feeling so much better

Joe s

Dr Gaeta is the greatest! I have been a patient for about 14 years.He is more than a Chiropractor,he cares about your overall health.He has shown me how to control my type 2 diabetes without taking drugs but rather with exercise,diet and herbs. I went from a 144,blood sugar reading to 99 and I went from a weight of 224 lbs to 200! This man is for real. He really cares about you. I thank God every day for putting Dr Gaeta in my life.

Clarence S

Dr. Gaeta has been great to me and athletes for years. His honesty and knowlege has helped take our bodies to next level. Playing professional for 5 years took a toll on me physically and Dr. Gaeta was absolutely able to help guide me in the great path on staying healthy. Along with that I then recommended him to of a few of younger athletes and the transition for them has been excellent. You want to be the best the best you have to get with the best in the area!

Megan F

Dr. Gaeta and his staff truly care about each patient that they see. They offer very individualized care and Dr. Gaeta is extremely knowledgeable. He cares about your overall health and offers unique and specialized nutritional services as well as chiropractic.

Alexandra N

Dr. Gaeta is the only chiropractor I trust. He is thorough and genuinely cares about his patients. I have had issues with sciatica for years and have been unable to find anyone else who could help me as well as he has. He is knowledgeable and goes above and beyond for his patients. I have also enjoyed spa services at his practice which I absolutely loved. The massages and facials are designed to fit your specific needs and are not rushed whatsoever. Thank you Dr. Gaeta!

Diane D

Dr. Gaeta treats my herniated discs and gives me relief! I have had 2 surgeries on my lower lumbar spine, but occasionally I have a flare up of pain and whether it is excruciating or minor, in a visit or two, I am feeling strong again. Thank you!

Anthony R

Dr. Gaeta and his staff are amazing. Super relaxed environment and very professional.

Tiffany H

Wonderful! I was experiencing frequent headaches, some to the point I was unable to function. I can honestly say my frequency of headaches has decreased, and the intensity of the ones I do get is nothing compared to before.

Jason M

Everything about Dr Gaeta & this office is pro. Highly recommended.


My friend told me about Dr. Gaeta and I had to see what he could do for my neck and back pain! I was a little nervous about coming to a chiropractor because I thought it may be painful. It wasn’t at all! First of all, the front desk was so kind which calmed me and in fact the treatment was soothing and worked really well. I now come in on a regular basis and am enjoying pain free living. Jim (doctor) sees me as a whole person not just a bundle of symptoms. I will keep coming back.


You name it, I’ve had it. Close to 10 years with back pain from a whole life of activity. I have had spinal stenosis, degenerating discs, arthritis, previous fractures and the list goes on. My family physician suggested Dr. Gaeta and I am so happy that he did. Dr. Gaeta not only took care of my physical well being but my emotional as well. He explained to me how connected the emotions are with physical symptoms. Makes sense and I have seen the changes now that we are addressing both issues together. I will keep coming back because he takes care of me, mind and body! I am a senior citizen that can enjoy my gardening and basically everything else that I want to do. Thanks!


I did not realize chiropractors were so good with the whole body! I came in for neck and low back pain but the doctor sent me for blood tests. Not only did he treat my spine pain but he greatly improved my digestive problems and got me completely off of my blood sugar meds with lifestyle and nutritional advice. Every day life can de-tune me away from health but Dr. Gaeta is observant and helps to get me back. Most doctors I have been to never ask me questions or let me explain myself like he does. I was used to being given a new drug prescription and that’s it. I have learned that Chiropractic is about restoring your health not covering the symptoms.


My mom has been coming to Dr. Gaeta my whole life so when I had back, hip and neck pain after a fall I knew where I was going but never knew it would help this much. I felt so much better after only 1 visit. It was amazing! Now I continue to return and my back and hips feel just as good or better than before all of this happened. Not only do I feel great but the workers are very personable and almost feel like friends to me at this point. I am only 14 and it is crazy how much they work to help me.


I have been suffering from frequent headaches neck and back pain for many many years. My pain management doctor told me about Dr. Gaeta so I figured I would give him a chance. I was immediately surprised with the amount pain relief I had from a single chiropractic adjustment. I continue to get relief from the adjustments but I am even more surprised with the holistic approach to health that the doctor takes. Dr. Gaeta is great and the staff are wonderful in both chiropractic and general services provided. I now have my whole family coming for treatments and am very pleased.


Ive heard nothing but good things about Dr. Gaeta so when I had intense pain in my neck and back I immediately made an appointment. I was amazed at the speed of recovery and now my pain and symptoms are greatly decreased. I now have a great rapport with him and all the confidence in his skillset. I am a believer in chiropractic medicine. -TB
When I had bad headaches and sore hips I started to look for help. I found Family Health Center through my insurance company but it actually ended up being in the same medical building that I was already going to. Anyway it only took 3 visits and I am now pain free in my hips and my headaches have significantly reduced. Dr. Gaeta is so knowledgeable and he keeps me feeling good. Thank you!


I was in some neck pain and was immediately told (by gateway staff members) that I must go see Dr. Gaeta. I was very surprised at how knowledgeable he is about the whole body. His treatment is very thorough. Not only does my neck feel much better but my feet and back problems are improving also. I will keep coming back because of how great I feel. Dr. Gaeta and his staff are awesome!


I started coming to Family Health Centers because I had pain in my left hip and low back. Before chiropractic I had tried physical therapy and injections but neither of them helped. Chiropractic care is the only thing that gives me relief. Slowly but surely I have continued to get better and that makes me want to stick with it. I really appreciate Dr. Gaeta’s persistence, determination and honesty.


My back really hurt, my overall health was terrible and I had no energy. The word of mouth is that Dr. Gaeta was simply incredible. It seemed liked everyone that I talked to loved him! Add me to the list. Chiropractic care was a life-changer for me. Dr. Gaeta provides help and guidance to me in all areas of my health. I couldn’t live without him.


I never knew that chiropractic could be so gentle, yet effective. No pain – only results!


When my neck hurts, there is only one place to go.


I got tired of the pills and potions, Dr. Gaeta showed me a different way. It works.


Pain doesn’t keep me down anymore.


Chiropractic works for my whole family. We Love FHC.


Migraines plagued me for the last 10 years. Not anymore.


My adjustments keep me feeling good. The fatigue has gone away.


I hurt my back playing soccer. Thanks to Dr. Gaeta – I am my old self again.


The pain in my arm was miserable, the folks at FHC fixed me right up.


I was told by my specialist that it was just old age. I don’t think that I got any younger, but my pain is gone.

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