Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Gaeta is like family... He sincerely cares about the well-being of his patients, going above and beyond to provide the best care. I trust his advice and his strategic approach to full mind-body wellness."

- Michelle P.

"Dr. Gaeta is great! His attention to detail and dedication to each patient is apparent in every session. I am so grateful that I found him, and highly recommend him if you’re considering chiropractic or holistic care."

- Bernadette K.

"Dr. Gaeta takes care of you inside and out… when problems arise, but also proactively. I’m a tough patient with a long history of surgeries and medical conditions, so if he can fix me and keep me moving, he can do it for anybody."

- Mike C.

"Dr. Gaeta is the real deal. At first impression, you know he loves his profession & is passionate about helping his patients become better versions of themselves. If you want to walk a path of true wellness, he is the doctor for you!"

- Bethany S.

"Dr. Gaeta is amazing. He goes above and beyond to provide exceptional care."

- Amy B.

"Dr. Gaeta has been my number one go-to for over 10 years! He’s amazing! He saved me from neck surgery and always knows how to fix my problem- no matter the location of my body. He’s amazing! Thank you so much Dr. Gaeta for always getting me in at a moment's notice to take care of me. You are the best! You’re bedside manner, your skills, and your staff has always gone above and beyond !!!! I refer all my friends and family- and other physicians to Dr. Gaeta… he’s 3 steps ahead of your normal everyday chiropractor with mixing pain management, health aides (vitamins/ nutrition), well-being, and holistic ways to cure your everyday ailments."

- Taryn K.

"Fantastic doctor and the office staff is super nice and accommodating. You can’t go wrong with him!!"

- Alexandra L.


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Dr. James Gaeta

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