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Chiropractic Marlton NJ Immune Support

Immune Support is important to our Marlton NJ chiropractors. Continue reading to learn how to improve your immune system or contact Dr. James Gaeta today.

“Optimal functioning of the immune system, it turns out, is dependent upon feeling good.”

- Marcey Shapiro, Freedom From Anxiety: A Holistic Approach to Emotional Well-Being

Healthy Immune System = Healthy Body In Marlton NJ

Remember the original Space Invaders game? You moved your cannon right and left to shoot down approaching aliens. That’s a lot like how your immune system works when it’s working well. Your body faces constant assault from all forms of microscopic alien organisms, like the viruses and bacteria that inhabit our external environment.

Your immune system functions automatically. You don’t have to instruct it consciously to go fight off invaders. However, that doesn’t mean you can ignore your immune system and expect it to do its job.

Never Too Late To Start Paying Attention To Heart Health

As Marcy Shapiro points out, your immune system works best when you are at your best mentally and physically. In a way, all nutritional care strengthens your immune system. That said, some individuals need a little more immune support. Consider these statistics:

  • Every year somewhere children miss approximately 100 million school days due to common colds.
  • Parents miss 120 million work days due to colds.
  • Adults miss over 110 million work days every year due to the flu.
  • The average adult takes four sick days a year. The average adult over 45 misses six days a year.
  • An unhealthy workforce costs the US economy $150 billion every year.

We're proud to offer a line of nutritional options to maintain a healthy immune system as part of a total wellness approach to your health.


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