Treatment Using Shockwaves For Plantar Fasciitis

Treatment Using Shockwaves For Plantar Fasciitis

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Are you sick of dealing with the pain of plantar fasciitis? Do you long for the days when you could walk or even run without feeling pain? It's not just you! A lot of people suffer from plantar fasciitis, but the good news is that Shockwave Treatment can help you feel better and get back on your feet.

Shockwave therapy: what is it?

Sound waves are used in the non-invasive treatment known as shockwave therapy to promote the body's natural healing process. A handheld device is used to deliver the sound waves to the injured location, which causes micro-trauma in the tissues and starts the body's natural healing process.

What benefits can shockwave therapy offer for plantar fasciitis?

Inflammation in the plantar fascia, a thick band of tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot, is what causes plantar fasciitis. Shockwave therapy can facilitate healing in the injured area by reducing inflammation. Moreover, it can encourage the development of new blood vessels, which aids in boosting circulation and accelerating the healing process.

What results may you anticipate from Shockwave Therapy?

Depending on the severity of your disease, shockwave therapy treatment often requires many sessions. A qualified specialist will utilize a handheld device to deliver the sound waves to the troubled location during each session. Although most people report no pain during the non-invasive procedure, a few may feel a little discomfort.
You could feel sore or uncomfortable after the treatment, but this is typical and should go away within a few days. After initiating treatment, most patients start to feel better within a few weeks of initial plantar fasciitis symptoms.

Why pick Marlton Laser Pain Clinic and Gaeta Wellness?

We have years of expertise using Shockwave Treatment at Gaeta Wellness and Marlton Laser Pain Clinic to treat patients with plantar fasciitis and other problems. Our team of qualified specialists is committed to giving our patients the best possible care and assisting them in achieving total health and wellness.

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