Diseased Or Just Deficient? One Key Mineral You May Be Missing In Marlton NJ

Diseased Or Just Deficient? One Key Mineral You May Be Missing In Marlton NJ

Chiropractic Marlton NJ Diseased Or Just Deficient

Obesity, heart disease, diabetes. It’s become more and more obvious that a highly-processed Western diet comes with some pretty serious consequences. At our Marlton NJ chiropractic clinic it’s also alarming to think of all the conditions we deal with that we’ve come to regard as less serious, even “normal” – fatigue, insomnia, aching muscles, migraines. Those may be common, but it’s not just our lot in life. Those conditions can actually be signs that you’re suffering from a magnesium deficiency.

Where did our magnesium go?

Magnesium didn’t pack its bags and leave, we’ve phased it out. Modern agriculture, including genetically modified organisms, lends itself to farming practices that rob our food of essential minerals. Foods like dark leafy greens, which are supposed to be an excellent source of magnesium, don’t seem to be cutting it any longer. Add to that the fact that turning out cheap, processed foods has been pretty good business for some conglomerates – we’re full, but we’re missing vitamins and minerals.

It’s also worth mentioning that due to an ever-increasing amount of prescription medications and digestive disorders in our society, we’re not able to absorb dietary magnesium, even when we go the extra mile to keep our foods wholesome and organic.

Is magnesium really that important?

If you can’t see it, you don’t worry so much about missing it, right? Magnesium is absolutely essential to hundreds of bodily processes. Scientific studies have shown that magnesium supplements can lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels and improve glucose levels in type-2 diabetics.

Those are two pretty significant reasons to take magnesium more seriously. The kicker is that if you’re not diabetic, watching your cholesterol, or even particularly deficient in magnesium, the supplement still produces favorable results in triglyceride levels and consistently proves that it’s a rockstar at decreasing insulin resistance.

Furthermore, magnesium affects our ability to produce vitamin D and absorb calcium, so being deficient increases your chances of getting osteoporosis. This bone-builder is also responsible for the integrity of your tooth enamel, so if you’re watchful of your vitamin D and calcium for the purpose of staying strong, you’re missing the mark by neglecting magnesium.

You need to use your brain, too. Magnesium has an impact on our neurotransmitters and our central nervous systems as a whole. One study concluded that magnesium supplementation cut the occurrence of migraines by nearly half. In the last decade, magnesium deficiency has been closely scrutinized as a cause of anxiety. When unchecked, this can manifest as a sleep disorder, making magnesium a good option to explore for those who can’t figure out why they’re unable to rest.

Am I magnesium deficient In Marlton NJ?

It’s hard to tell since a simple blood test says little about whether or not you’re getting enough magnesium. Magnesium is primarily stored in our bones, which makes sense when you realize how crucial magnesium intake is to structural support. However, there’s a chance you should be supplementing if you have failed to find an answer as to why you’re dealing with any of the following:

  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Anxiety and excess tension
  • Muscle cramps and aches
  • Dizziness and confusion

What kind of magnesium should I take?

Like most supplements, any old kind won’t do. Pick up seven different magnesium supplements, and you’ll notice that the exact kind used in each formula may differ. There is the hotly-debated question of proper absorption, and various outlets swear that you should go for specific forms of magnesium for specific wellness goals.

Our Mag Complete 300 eliminates any guesswork and covers all bases. This vegetarian supplement offers three forms of magnesium proven effective at improving cardiovascular health, bone health, fatigue, and much more. Most importantly, all forms of magnesium used in Mag Complete 300 are chelated, so you have a better chance of absorbing the amount needed to correct a deficiency.

So maybe it doesn’t come up in discussion as much as iron or vitamin D, but it’s time to give magnesium the credit it deserves. This tiny mineral works overtime to keep your brain, bones, and heart in tip-top shape. If you can’t consume adequate quantities of totally organic greens, beans, and figs on a daily basis, one high-quality supplement can provide all of the support every part of your body needs.


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