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Michelle Browne

Dr. Gaeta has been my chiropractor for over 10 years (wow time flies!). Since my very first chiropractic fixing, I have seen phenomenal results! For example, prior to attending his practice, I’ve suffered from from constant headaches resulting from back, neck and shoulder aches and pain. But when I left my first few sessions, the headache stopped. One of the reasons I have gone back to Dr. Gaeta over the years is because of his natural love and devotion for healing people. He has an authentic, peaceful personality that allows you to speak of your aches and pains with ease. Aside from chiropractic adjustments, he offers nutritional supplements and wellness programs to help aid your health. I recommend everyone who could benefit from his chiropractic and wellness insight. I am so delighted that Dr. Gaeta is truly for health and healing. As someone who prefers doctors who are intentional and passionate about their skill set, I am very fortunate to have been referred to him over 10 years ago, and I am positive that you will be also.

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