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“I saw a woman wearing a sweatshirt with Guess on it. I said, Thyroid problem?”
– Arnold Schwarzenegger, bodybuilder, actor, politician

The thyroid is a small gland in your neck that influences most of the metabolic functions in your body. Medical experts estimate that 30 million Americans suffer from some thyroid condition, and half that number go undiagnosed. Women are far more likely to suffer from some thyroid condition, particularly women over the age of 35. For example, if you are a woman who has suffered unusual weight gain or has trouble losing weight and you feel constantly tired and fatigued, there is a good chance you have a thyroid condition. It’s important to remember that only a health care professional can accurately diagnose a thyroid condition. So, if you suspect your thyroid may not be functioning properly, you should see a doctor. Because the thyroid plays a role in so many functions the list of potential thyroid disorders is rather high. Here’s a list of other symptoms that accompany an overactive thyroid:

An underactive thyroid could cause these symptoms:

A serious thyroid condition requires medical treatments. However, nutritional supplements can help regulate and support healthy thyroid function. Consider one of our nutritional supplements to support you thyroid if you suffer from any degree of the symptoms discussed on this page.


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